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Tool-grinding Machine

Tool-grinding Machine ZS350 is intended for the manual sharpering of cutting knives of the nail-making machine or knives of the same type.
The tool-grinding machine provides the sharpering of nail-making
machine cutting knives and thus promotes obtaining of articles with a fine-tapering point.
The spindle of the tool-grinding machine, installed in the rolling bearing, is drived by electric motors via V-belts.
A unit made of three tool-grinding wheels for sharpering of the
profiled cutting edges of knives is displaced on the left end of the shaft. The unit can be reinstalled into vertical, longitudinal and
transverse positions, thus permitting to sharpen the cutting edges of different shapes and with different angles. The longitudinal
displacement can be fulfilled with the help of a manual regulator-dial.
The tool-grinding wheel for sharpering of the knife face is
distanced on the right end of shaft. The distance between the table
and the tool-grinding wheel can be regulated according to its
wearout. The sharpering is fulfilled in displacement of the table by the guide bar.
The special hinged cantilever provides rapid reinstallation of the tool-grinding machine from the forming position into the sharpering
one and vice versa.


- High efficiency ensuring the needs of large-scale nail-making manufacture
- Simple in service
- Availability of an indicator and carriage with a microscrew, permiting to sharpen double knives
- Availability of outlet on the back side of the automatic machine for connecting of dust collector
- Operation safety - the movable parts of the automatic machine are enclosed with suitable cases

Spindle rotational speed, min
Diameter of grinding wheel, mm, for sharpering of:
cutting edge
face plane
Number of grinding wheel for sharpering of:
cutting edge
face plane
Peripheral speed of grinding wheel, m's:
350-mm dia
200-mm dia
Power of electric motor, kW
Type of electric motor
Overall dimensions of automatic machine, mm
Weight of machine, kg
A set of accessories is delivered with a tool-grinding machine.


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