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This high capacity machine is designed for manufacture of building, casing, rafter, finishing nails, upholsterer's tacks.
The extended range of nail manufacture is reached by processing of screwed wire and that of square section.

The machine may be equipped with a special device for production of U-clamps which are widely used in building finishing and electric construction.
  • High output.
  • Special hopper design provides for maximum nail removing and minimum fouling of the
    machine by chips and nails.
  • Heading slide is designed as a cylinder, this greatly increases rigidity and durability.
  • Easy access to the mechanisms allows to rearrange the machine operation during the shortest
  • General purpose low-carbon light steel wire, non-heat treated,  == 800 MPa in bounds or reels
    up to 1000 kg.
  • Special wire types for production of special nails.

Straightening and feeding into die unit.
Clamping of wire, forming of clamp point.
Bending of free wire end for clamp shaping.
Cutting off and throw-off of finished clamp.
The other point of the clamp being cut off is formed simultaneously.


Diameter of nail body, mm:
1,8 ... 3,1
Length of nail, mm:
20 ... 80
Productivity, pcs/min
Productivity, kg / hour
Nominal effort of landing,
Main drive power, kw
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
On WIRE-NAIL AUTOMATIC MACHINES ONE-SHOCK of models 4116 and 4118 after execution of some changes or substitution of instruments it is possible to make a lot of other machines, for example, pins, square and screw nails.
WIRE-NAIL AUTOMATIC MACHINES ONE-SHOCK of model 4118 as a matter of convenience adjustment is equipped with a microdrive.
WIRE-NAIL AUTOMATIC MACHINES ONE-SHOCK is delivered with a package of spare quickly worn details and completed with the instrument for maximal diameter of a wire with which the WIRE-NAIL AUTOMATIC MACHINES ONE-SHOCK passed production tests. The instrument on other standard sizes of a nail is delivered at additional expense.
At additional expense the automatic machine is completed with the device for a unwinding of wire 31.
The enterprise realizes service during all period of maintenance of an automatic machine.

In order to enhance technological capabilities of nailing machines our company has developed the following options:

1. Auger device. It is designed for transportation of nails from under the tray into the container. Thus, during transportation of nails cut-offsare separated and sent to a separate container.

This will allow:

  1. to avoid the deburringin many cases, e.g. for construction nails, which would reduce costs;
  2. cut-off separated from of the nails can be handed into scrap metal, which also would reduce costs;
  3. to escape from use of the place for container with nails, which would save production area;

2. The second lubrication circuit. This centralized lubrication is driven by a separate electric drive. It works on thethick lubricant through dosed feeders. Lubrication is triggered periodically, for example, after 1 hour and it delivers a portion of the lubrication to points.

Lubricated points:

  1. Slide rails of cut (6 points);
  2. The axis of the lever clamp - 1 point;
  3. The lever clamp roller - 1 point;
  4. Top rail of slide landing - 2 points;
  5. Telescopic connection of feed lever - 1 point.
  6. This allows: 

    1. significantly reduce fattening of nail and thus to escape thedeburringof nailstogether with a screw mechanism;
    2. to improve the lubricants reliability and reduce the time required for machine lubrication.

    3. Equipment of wire-nailing machines with frequency converters of induction motors. This allows smooth handling of productivity from minimum to maximum. Currently, nailing machines have only two speeds due to changeable pulleys. This allows to increaseproductivity of nail making machines by an average by 10% due to choice of optimum speed.



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