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Spring coiling automatic machines are intended for cold coiling cylindrical, conic and barrel springs of compression with draw in and not draw in face coils, with fixed and variable step, right and left , and also springs of a stretching with the step equal to diameter of a wire without hooks and the direct ends.
Automatic machines may wind single-turn springs.
Host material for springs is the steel spring wire of round section with time resistance to break in limits t=2500...1450 .
Link spring coiling automatic machines of model 5109, 5112 and 5116 correspond to modern technical requirements for machines of the given aspect.
The input resonators established in nodes of a drive, ensure stepless regulation of speeds of feeding of a wire.
The automatic machine of model 5218 muff an aspect ensures winding springs with length of the preform equal of 30000 mm.

Spring coiling automatic machines of series 51.. and 52.. are safe in operation. At the request of the Customer may be completed with the device for grading springs. Two pairs giving rollers and precise operation of clutches ensure exact length of wire preform. Automatic machines are easily readjusted on any kind of springs which they may wind.





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