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- Three models for editing also are sharp wires and shaped roll stock in diameter 1,6 - 16,0 mm from revolt and one model for editing and sharp preforms of electrodes in diameter 1,6 ‰ 6,3 mm.
- High efficiency at the expense of the big speed of feeding (16 - 120 m / min).
- A convenient service.


The machine is intended for bundle straightening and cutting off electrode billets out of rolled steel of round
section of 2.5 - 6.3 mm in diameter.
Cutting accuracy for 0.5 mm body is ensured. The machine can be used at specialized electrode producing shops, little and private business running electrode production.
The unit can be used at blanking shops of plants for production of accurate wire billets of 2.5 - 6.3 mm in diameter and 250 - 450 mm in length.
The structure of the machine consists of the following com-ponent parts: welded bed frame on which all units and
mechanisms are mounted. Inside of the bed frame straightening frame drive is installed. The front feed and the back feed with chain transmission, the straightening frame, the pinion shaft, the cutting mechanism with the feed and cutting drive, electric pneumatic system for feed-rollers unclamping control.

Diameter of a processed wire, mm:
1,6 - 6,3
Speed of feeding, m / min:
Amount of cutters regulated pcs/min :
до 350
Rotational speed of a correct framework, min :
2500 - 8000
Length of sawed metal, mm:
200 -450
Power of electric motors, kw:
Overall dimensions (without a chute), mm:  
From left to right:
In front back:
Mass of an automatic machine, kg:



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