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The wire-forming and nail-making machines of the given design are a high-speed horizontal press with conical gears. The drive contains an autonomous electromotor mounted on the machine prop. The main mechanisms are installed in the machine frame made from high-grade metal. The shaft props are mounted on anti-friction bearings to guarantee long-term and reliable performance of timing gear. The number of revolutions is alterable by replacing the pulley.
Nails are manufactured in die-cuter space. The nail head is consecutively made therein, ready nail being subsequently cut off and released into flute.
The simple and readily operable machine design allows to straighten the wire properly.
The lubrication systems are combined in (a) centralized crankshaft slide bearings; (b) conical gear casing ; and (c) individually (from press oilers) for cutting mechanism, feed mechanism , and clamping mechanism, respectively.




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